Our engagements with clients and vendors employs a proven set of tools that produce top-quality textile solutions and principles that produce long-lasting partnerships. From supplying commercial and military aircraft with the best airplane seating to providing innovative solutions for mass transit partners,  pharmaceutical applications and safety engineering services to furnishing restaurants and hotels with top-notch upholstery services, First State Manufacturing has earned a strong reputation. Today, we’re the leading manufacturer for transportation seating, commercial upholstery, and so much more.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our friends have said about working with us:

“They are highly ethical. Good communicators. Good at identifying an issue and providing a solution. Thorough. VERY pleasant. Extremely ethical and very honest.”
Judy Gaitens-Arneson, CN Clark

“FSM knows what they are doing. When they call us, they typically know exactly what they are looking for. Scott keeps very close contact with us. I honestly can’t say enough about how solid First State is.”
Paula Dalton, Bondcote Corporation

“I typically only work with Scott. Something that stands out with him that some of our other vendors lack is his communication. He is so easy to work with. The thoroughness and detail he is able to provide me makes it clear what his company’s needs are. With all the info he gathers and the detail he is able to give me, it takes the “guess” work out of it. Which gets quick and accurate results. As far as improvements go, I cannot say I have any to provide, as we have not had any issues.”
Sarah Tew, Paiho North America

“They are really great with communication and delivery. We prefer First State over others.”
Sue Pettera, Supply Core

“I am proud to say that First State Mfg. is one of my best suppliers, when speaking to other people in the business. I’m constantly telling them, ‘Congratulations on a job well done!’”
Michael J. Waskey, PQAR, East Region, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

First State Manufacturing has been a very reliable and important vendor for Lockheed Martin in helping us to provide Vehicle Covers to support our American Warfighters in the field. First State Manufacturing has been flexible in ramping up their production to meet our constantly changing needs and I appreciate it, as does our customer, the US Army.
Keith Schepis, Lockheed Martin

"First State Manufacturing, is "God's Gift" to aircraft cover manufacturing, and is now V-22 certified. They’ve been tasked with providing the entire suite of V-22 aircraft plugs and covers. Eli, the president and CEO, and Ashley (the executive director) both came many times personally to PAX and now New River to perform most of the advance design and prototyping work themselves. Our trip to New River produced yet another cover to exceed user expectations….”
Bill Stone, V-22 Development Deputy, Logistics, NAVAIR

"First State Manufacturing is the company I can trust as a real partner. I still remember that their people came to Japan with the prototype they made according to our requirements and at their cost. Performed fit check in an aircraft where there was no air conditioner during a very hot and humid Japanese summer. I have never seen such hardworking people in other American companies."
Takashi Asano, Japan Aerospace Corporation

“First State Manufacturing began working with us in 2012. They have exceeded our expectations on quality and service which has allowed us to secure a large custom piece of business with a Fortune 50 Company. Scott Crothers and his crew are responsive, focused and driven to help us grow our business. We value our business relationship with First State Manufacturing.”
Dave Neuer, President, NEUTECH Packaging Systems

"In working with First State Manufacturing over this past year Perry Baromedical has found them to be the type of supplier that puts the customer first. From problem solving, to redesign and delivery on multiple projects First State provided attention to detail and prompt delivery on every order. Scott Crothers is the heart of FSM-I could not ask for a better individual with whom to work! We look forward to having First State work with us on future projects."
Darlene Blystone, C.P.M, Perry Baromedical

“It is our pleasure to recommend First State Manufacturing as a qualified vendor for Amtrak seat services. FSM has the technical capacity to produce quality projects that fulfill current and future marketplace demand. We’ve witnessed the high level of dedication with which they have pursued this partnership. We’re confident First State Manufacturing can meet Amtrak’s high expectations for seat project manufacturing services…”
Lisa Weis, Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership